Art And Architecture Of Chola Empire

The chola dynasty was one of the longest. Ruling dynasties in history. The earliest datable references to this tamil dynasty are in inscriptions from the 3rd century bce left by ashoka, of the maurya empire. Ashoka major rock edict. Fresco painting in the ajanta caves. Masterpieces of asian art from the indian subcontinent. Shiva as lord of dance, indian sculpture from chola era.
The result of the amalgam of cultures, religions, social casts as well as political and economic issues difine the art and culture of india. This multicultural nation devote their skills and talent to honor their many deities with sensual, colorful and naturalistic representations in all the artistic representations, showing proudly their joy. The chola temples were built during chola cholas built their temple in the traditional way of the pallava dynasty, who were themselves influenced by the amaravati school of architecture.
Hoysala architecture. Indicates the distinctive building style developed under the rule of the hoysala. Articles on asian art. Architecture sculpture of 12th century khmer temple in cambodia, built by king suryavarman ii, to serve as his mausoleum.